Have Your Heating System Checked By Advanced Appliance Service, Inc. in Winston-Salem Before Winter

The Carolinas’ climate can cause a wide array of weather and temperatures. While you may be blasting your A/C to stay cool now, it won’t be long before you’ll be cranking the heat to fight the winter cold. In order to be prepared for winter weather, it’s important to have your heating system checked now. Advanced Appliance Service, Inc. specializes in getting your heating system ready for winter.

When Should I Get My Heating System Checked?

Your HVAC system needs regular servicing, but fall is the best time to schedule routine professional maintenance for your heating system. Making sure your furnace is working properly well before winter brings colder temperatures is essential to its performance. If you have a heat pump that provides air conditioning and heat, fall is a perfect time for inspection, as both can be inspected during the transition in weather.

Benefits of Fall HVAC Inspection in the Triad

Having your heating system checked before winter, gives you peace of mind knowing it’s ready to warm your home when the time comes. Professional maintenance ensures peak performance from your equipment when the time comes to turn on the heat. This is essential to keeping your home and family comfortable during unpredictable winter seasons. Well maintained heating systems also operate far more efficiently. This increases the lifespan of your unit while lowering monthly energy bills, so winter won’t be so hard on your wallet. Timely inspection can also eliminate health and safety hazards. Heating systems that operate poorly can emit carbon monoxide, circulate debris-filled air, and be potential fire hazards. Early detection of any imperfections means you can heat your home stress free all through the winter.

Bottom Line…

A fall heating system inspection by Advanced Appliance Service, Inc. can make all the difference in your in-home winter experience. Having your system checked will increase comfort, save money, and provide peace of mind for you and your family. Call Advanced for an inspection today, you will rest easier knowing you’re ready for winter!