Plumbing and Garbage Disposal Tips for the Greensboro Area

disposalBy: Mike Cooper

In order to avoid costly plumbing and repair costs, it’s important to know the right way to unclog a drain. However, your garbage disposal can prevent that problem altogether. A few simple maintenance and prevention tips can help keep your garbage disposal running smoothly, no matter how much action your kitchen sink sees.

Turn on the cold water tap before turning on the disposal, and let it run until 30 seconds to a minute after everything’s down the drain. This prevents overheating within the disposal, pushes waste down, and even makes sure that waste materials don’t melt down and harden later. Your disposal only works as well as your home’s plumbing, so follow the crucial steps on the plumbing maintenance checklist to keep your pipes from corroding, cracking or leaking.

 Each garbage disposal model has its own hardness capacity. Any materials that are too hard will jam the rotating parts and dull the blades of the shredder, severely reducing your disposal’s lifespan. While some are food and others are just foreign objects likely to fall in, you should keep all these items from the sink area altogether:

Seafood shells (shrimp, crab, lobster, etc.)


Unpopped popcorn kernels

Bones (chicken, ribs, etc.)

Corn husks and cobs

Plant and flower clippings

Coffee filters

Twist ties

Rubber bands

If you don’t shell your fish over the sink or rinse out your popcorn bowl before dumping the extra kernels, your blades will thank you. But hard objects aren’t the only obstacles to proper, thorough garbage disposal maintenance. No matter how well you clean and maintain your kitchen, professional tune-ups are a good idea. Schedule drain cleaning services every few years to keep your disposal in perfect shape. In between, thoroughly clean your garbage disposal by freezing a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar, then sending it down to clean the shredder. Regular ice cubes also work to chip off hardened pieces of food on the blades.

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