Plumbing Tips for Winston-Salem and Greensboro

clogged-disposalBy: Mike Cooper

Whether you live in the city or in the suburbs, some things are universal — plumbing problems being one of those unfortunate things we all experience. Here are some tips to prevent and fix common plumbing problems.

Clogged Disposal

Despite how it may seem, disposals are not indestructible, and cannot dispose of everything. Stringy items like banana peels and celery tend to wrap around the blades rather than washing down the drain. Hard vegetable remnants such as corn cobs and watermelon rinds can actually damage the blades. Grease and cooking oils cool and congeal, forming clogs that back up your sink. Avoid these items, and run cold water before and after using your disposal to wash bits of food on down the drain.

Washing Machine

Make sure your washing machine is at least four inches away from the wall to prevent the hoses from kinking. Check hoses for cracks and leaks and replace them immediately to prevent a plumbing disaster. Hoses should be replaced approximately every three years. To ensure that nothing goes awry while you’re gone, it’s best to only run the washing machine when you’re at home. That way you can stop the cycle if there’s a problem.

Broken Sprinkler Head

If you have an in-ground sprinkler system, be careful not to damage the sprinkler heads when driving or mowing. When a sprinkler head does break, replace it as soon as possible to keep from wasting valuable Winston Salem water. Keeping sprinklers heads clean and free of debris helps to keep them working properly.

Clogged Toilet

Of all the common plumbing problems, perhaps the most common is a clogged toilet. If you have small children at home, keep the toilet lid down to discourage them from tossing toys or excessive amounts of toilet paper into the bowl. For more natural clogs, a plunger will usually take care of the problem. On the rare occasion that it doesn’t, it’s best to call a professional.

For all your plumbing needs, don’t hesitate to contact Advanced Appliance Service. We’ve been serving the plumbing and HVAC needs of the Winston Salem area for many years.