replacing blown AC fuse

Why an Air Conditioner Continues to Blow Fuses in Winston-Salem, NC

Triad summers are hot and humid. Because your air conditioner works harder over the summer months, it’s more likely to blow a fuse at that time. While a blown fuse is normally not a big deal, it could be a sign of a more serious problem. Read on to find out why your air conditioner continues to blow fuses, and what you can do about it.

A clogged or dirty filter

If your filter is clogged or dirty, it puts extra pressure on your air conditioner and the air conditioner may blow a fuse to protect itself. This is an easy fix and can be taken care of by preventative measures. Replace your air filters once a month.

Dirty condenser coils in Winston-Salem

Just like with a filter, your air conditioner will have to work extra hard if the condenser coils are dirty. Check your air conditioner and make sure that the condenser coils aren’t covered with dirt and leaves. Remove any plants or tree limbs that may be too close to your unit and the source of unwanted debris build up.

Loose electrical connections, low refrigerant, malfunctioning parts

If your filter and condenser coils are clean, it’s time to call Advanced Appliance Service in Winston-Salem to diagnose the problem. It might be that there is a loose electrical connection in your fuse box. Your HVAC technician from Advanced is a trained professional and can diagnose and repair the problem.
Low levels of refrigerant can cause your air conditioner to blow a fuse. Your HVAC technician will look for low levels refrigerant, also called freon, and determine if there is a leak.
If you have malfunctioning parts on your air conditioner, then this may also be the culprit. You’ll need to call your HVAC technician to check if the motor, compressor, capacitor, and condenser fan are all working properly.

Why wait to for a fuse to blow? Call Advance Appliance Service at (336)923-7121 to schedule your HVAC maintenance.