Keep Warm this winter with Heating and Air Services in Winston-Salem, NC

Cooler, fall days are rapidly arriving; and cold winter days will be here before we know it. But is your HVAC up for the task? Have it checked by your trusted Winston-Salem, NC heating and air conditioning specialist, and, as this article explains; there are several things you can do as a homeowner to help your system make a smooth transition into the cooler fall and winter months ahead:

Furnace maintenance should be done on a regular basis. The best time to do so is in late summer or early fall when you still have enough time to address any problems before it gets too cold outside.

After several months of running the air conditioning, the filter on the heating and cooling system may need to be changed. Check the condition of the filter to see if it is heavily soiled. Furnace filters are relatively inexpensive. Since this thin barrier will be responsible for cleaning the air you breathe, it is important to keep a fresh filter in the unit. A clogged, dirty filter will reduce the efficiency of the HVAC system and may contribute to poor indoor air and allergies.

How to Inspect Your Furnace Before Winter Arrives
While your HVAC in Winston-Salem nc is certainly built to last a long time, it still requires regular maintenance for it to continue performing properly. Having your unit checked would also ensure a smoother running HVAC unit and correspondingly greater savings. This can also result into a well-functioning machine requiring little to no repair, avoiding additional costs in the future.

An HVAC check-up usually involves checking the inside compartment of the unit and making sure that there are no defects among the internal components. Among other things, the technician will lubricate moving parts to prevent friction and the premature failure of essential components, tighten belts and electrical connections, and test the thermostat for accuracy. If you do not have the know-how to address these aspects, an hvac technician can do the job for you.

While waiting for expert assistance, you can maintain your HVAC unit even in small ways. You need to make sure that the unit is clean and free from dust and other materials that can hamper its performance. You can also clean the area around the unit to avoid dirt getting into it. In addition, you can replace your air filters regularly.

The winter cold can be very punishing, and thus you deserve to have a break from the sun’s rays. Proper maintenance of your HVAC as well as the assistance of certified professionals can give you warmer winter days.

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