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Trusted Air Conditioning Experts in Winston Salem and Greensboro

Man Installing AC UnitTrusted air conditioning replacement experts in Winston Salem and Greensboro
If you are in need of an air conditioner replacement in the Winston Salem and Greensboro areas, the installation team at Advanced Appliance Service will install your AC and provide routine, expert maintenance for your system. We are knowledgeable in AC units and complex HVAC systems, providing you with the attention to detail and efficiency that will ensure a high quality, functioning AC replacement unit. To schedule an inspection of your air conditioning system, call us at 336-924-4186.

Replacing Your Air Conditioner

Significant advancements have been made with cooling technology over the years. If your older system is constantly experiencing problems, you should invest in a replacement.
Newer systems do a better job of keeping your home comfortable as they are extremely energy efficient using half the electricity of older systems. If your AC unit is older than eight years, it should be replaced if the problems are anything more significant than a clogged condenser unit or a worn fan belt or capacitor.
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An Advanced Appliance Service technician can advise you on the various options available, finding the best solution for your home. Reviewing energy savings and your budget gives us the info we need for selecting the best system to fit your needs.

Choosing the Correct Air Conditioner Replacement Size

It is extremely important that you own the correct size air conditioner system for your house. At Advanced Appliances, our installation technicians will make precise load calculations which are used to determine the exact size of the unit that is right for your home.

A system that is too large will cool too quickly, cycling on and off too frequently. This will waste electricity, and wear down components, reducing the system’s lifespan. Conversely, if it is too small, the unit will work for longer periods of time than necessary, which will produce higher energy bills. Some of the factors that go into our system recommendations include square footage, the number of windows, and the amount of insulation.

Top Quality Air Conditioning Service

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Our technicians have installed and repaired AC systems for over 40 years, so you can be assured that it will be installed correctly and in a professional manner. All of our work is done to code, and our technicians will work in a timely, efficient manner, with the safety of your family and home in mind. Our company vehicles are well equipped with a wide selection of repair items, emergency equipment, and tools that enable us to provide superior service. Contact us at (336) 924-4186 if you would like to schedule a service appointment or visit our
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