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When people are searching for a plumber, they look for three things: quick service, an affordable rate, and technicians who are knowledgeable and trustworthy. At Advanced Appliance Service, we offer those priorities and go the extra mile for our customers.

We Fix Plumbing Problems

Because of our customer first philosophy, there are many happy customers who have used our plumbing services. Our qualified plumber will come to your home and diagnose the issue. After our plumber finds the issue that caused the plumbing problem, an estimate will be provided with a detailed explanation of the work that needs to be completed. Our residential plumbing service uses sophisticated, advanced equipment to repair plumbing problems. Advanced Appliance Service is experienced in fixing small and large water leaks, pipe problems, and extreme emergency situations. Our highly trained plumber will perform preventative work on your residential water system to make sure that an emergency problem will not occur in the future.

Certified, Bonded, and Insured Plumbers

Certified, insured and bonded plumbers at Advanced Appliance Service will identify any plumbing complication in your home. Do you have a clogged pipe? They are the most common in the bathroom, laundry room and kitchen areas. Soap, grease and hair build-up can cause a heavily clogged drain and pipe, requiring immediate attention to resolve the issue quickly. We can help you avoid a catastrophic plumbing system failure by fixing clogged pipes and inspecting drains and faucets. Our professionals will flush out your pipes, clearing out all of the debris and relieving the pressure on the pipes and joints.

There are many different aspects to a residential plumbing problem. With the large quantity of water features in your house, it is important to have a trusted plumber to provide service when needed. Since 1967, we have assisted residents in the Winston Salem and Greensboro areas with their plumbing needs. Our trained and certified specialists are routinely installing a variety of brands for new water fixtures in homes, helping homeowners with bath and kitchen renovations, and updating older plumbing systems. We will provide a complete estimate before we get started, with detailed information regarding materials and labor involved in the new fixture installation. Affordable, efficient plumbing services provide a hassle-free, exceptional solution to installing new water fixtures in your home.

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We do not recommend attempting to fix the plumbing yourself. It usually does not go as planned, as pipes can easily be damaged when you attempt to find and unclog the debris inside of them. It is more costly because you will eventually be calling on a professional to fix the original problem in addition to the new plumbing problems that have arisen. Our highly trained plumbers perform this type of work every day, and that experience is the primary reason why we are successful at providing quality residential plumbing services to our customers. Your plumbing issues will be resolved quickly and professionally with our certified technicians.

We look forward to assisting you with plumbing, heating and air services in Winston Salem, Greensboro and High Point and surrounding areas. Call Advanced Appliance Service at (336) 924-4186 to schedule a service visit. For more information about us and our complete list of services, contact us.