Air Conditioning Installation

By: Mike Cooper

There has been much debate on ways to keep homes cooler while finding ways to become more green. Air conditioning installation in Winston Salem can take advantage of the the energy efficiency movement because older systems tend to be less green than newer ones. Installing a Rheem air conditioner is a wise choice because the systems are much more energy efficient than systems that are over 10 years old.

Learning about the basic differences between central air systems and mini systems is the first step in determining the best system for you. Mini systems are constructed to cool only the room in which they are installed with the energy source right outside. Central air conditioners require a central source of energy and refrigeration. They also need installed ducts to deliver the cooled air throughout the home. With mini systems, ducts are not needed because the cool air moves directly from outside to the room it is in.

The Rheem mini air conditioners are usually very small and slim. They only need a small amount of space for installation in a wall. In some cases they are slender enough to be hidden behind different features within the room. They conserve energy as they are only used for the area where they are installed. A perfect option for smaller homes.

rheem installation winston salem
Rheem is an established company with a reputation for quality and great customer service. The company was founded in 1925 and has served many homeowners and business owners all over the country. Their residential products have a reputation for being long lasting and durable.

At Advanced Appliance Service, we are a certified Rheem dealer in Winston Salem. We offer our customers individual attention when it comes to planning their air conditioner installation. The mini air conditioners offered by Rheem are a perfect example of the detailed attention put into making sure optimal cooling takes place. Our systems are designed to be energy efficient without impairing the excellent air quality.

If a mini air conditioner sounds like the right choice for your home, contact us today to start the process. We will discuss your needs and how the unit will be used the most efficiently in your home. Each system has both inside and outside components that must be aligned well to work with one another. It may be determined that central air conditioning installation is actually a better option for your home and family. Either way, give Advanced Appliance Service a call to set up an appointment to go over your options.