4 Tips to Save Money Doing Laundry

If you’re like many other Triad homeowners, you’re constantly looking for ways to lower your everyday expenses. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to cut back on one of your most time-and money-consuming chores. Here are Advanced Appliance Service’s 4 tips to save money doing laundry.

Wash full loads

This is one of the most simple and effective ways to cut down the cost of doing laundry. Wait until you have a full load of light or darks before washing. Doing smaller loads wastes energy, water, and detergent, resulting in higher costs for you. If you have a single garment with a stain, try treating it with stain remover and soaking in cold water.

Wash with cold water in Greensboro, NC

The vast majority of the time, cold water will meet all of your clothes-washing needs. Hot water settings are specifically designed for extreme stains or special fabrics, like linens. Instead of wasting energy on hot water, use the cold setting to wash your clothes.

Save money doing laundry with less detergent

If you normally fill up a cap with detergent, throw it in the machine and press start, you most likely have been throwing money away. For a high efficiency machine, use 2 tablespoons, or one pod, per load. Chances are this is much less than you’ve been using, particularly if it’s high efficiency detergent.

Clean the lint screen

One of the most overlooked, yet essential, ways to cut back on costs is to clean the lint screen. A clogged lint screen reduces the dryer’s efficiency, and can actually overwork and even damage the machine over time. So, clean the lint screen before each load. It only takes a couple of seconds, and it instantly increases your dryer’s efficiency, saving you money.

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