Ways to Stay Warm and Save Energy This Winter in Winston-Salem

After a hot summer in the triad, cool air is certainly a welcomed change. You may have pulled out the sweaters and coats, but is your home ready for the winter? Read below on ways to stay warm and save energy at the same time.

Open Blinds and Curtains During the Day

Too often, people keep the blinds and curtains closed during winter months to keep the heat in. If your home is properly insulated, open your blinds and curtains which face the sun and allow the sun to help heat your home. Not only is sunlight good to combat the winter blues, it won’t cost you anything to warm your home naturally.

Throw on Another Blanket and Lower Your Thermostat

While you may be tempted to turn up the thermostat when you feel cold, try a blanket instead. Keep some throw blankets on the couch and add another layer onto your bedding. You can stay warm and save money. Maybe, you can even snuggle with your kids or significant other?

Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

A great way to beat the heat is to turn on ceiling fans, but did you know that ceiling fans can help keep you warm in the winter months too? Reverse the ceiling fan cycle so that it turns clockwise if you are looking up at the fan. By doing this, the fan pulls the warm are up and circulates it around the room. Keep it at a low speed and make sure that it rotates clockwise.

Insulate Your Home in Winston-Salem, NC

The best thing you can do to keep down heating costs during the winter months is to make sure your home is properly insulated. First, check your windows and doors for places where cold air might get through. If needed, caulk around the windows and replace weather stripping.
Make sure your ductwork in the attic and crawlspace is properly insulated. Run your hand along the heating ducts for holes and leaks. If you feel warm air escaping, then you’ll need to seal and insulate your ducts. While there are several different options for insulation, spray foam is best to seal cracks and holes. It is a powerful insulator, and more energy efficient than other insulators.

Change Your Filters in Forsyth County

Replacing your air filters is an inexpensive and highly effective way to keep heating costs down. It’s also essential to caring for your furnace. Always remember, no matter what season, a clogged filter makes your heating and air units work harder and less efficiently. Change your filters every three months at a minimum.

Service Your Furnace Regularly

A regular maintenance schedule is necessary for maintaining an efficient furnace. Your licensed HVAC technician from Advanced Appliance will inspect your furnace to ensure it is functioning properly and efficiently.

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