Heating and AC is good for children learning

A Comfortable Home Aids in Learning for Kids in the Triad

Your house isn’t just a place to sleep, eat, and store your stuff. It’s your home – a place where your family gathers, shares in each other’s lives, and makes memories. Homes are special. It’s the reason why people spend their time and money decorating, remodeling, and trying to make their home comfortable and pleasing. 

Parents want to make their homes comfortable and safe places for children. Much time and effort are spent creating the kind of environment in which your babies, toddlers, children, and teenagers will be comfortable and thrive.

And, just as parents want the best for their children’s education and their school environment as well, the home is just as essential to your child’s well-being and educational growth. Children that are distracted by an unhealthy environment cannot put their focus on learning and education. 

Providing your children with a comfortable home gives them the ability to focus on their homework and learning new skills. What does a comfortable home entail you may ask? 

A comfortable home means proper bedding for a good night’s sleep, a pantry, and refrigerator stocked with nutritious food, clean water, a safe area to play, proper lighting for reading and doing homework, and a comfortable temperature in your home. 

Studies Show How Environment Impacts Learning

Children need to learn, play, get plenty of sleep, and eat well-balanced meals. They also need a comfortable home environment with the proper temperature and humidity. Recent studies have shown that air temperature directly impacts a child’s ability to focus and learn. While these studies have been used as a call to action for proper heating and cooling in schools, the same could be said for your own home. When a child is focused on being too hot or too cold, then they are unable to focus on their studies and unable to learn. Just as test scores decrease at schools when the temperatures are too hot and humid, your child’s ability to concentrate on his or her homework will also decrease because the body is focused on combating the cold or heat.

Preventative Maintenance by Advanced Appliance Service in Winston-Salem

While everyone experiences unfortunate and unexpected issues with their HVAC system, your best line of defense is always preventative care. A well-maintained heating and air conditioning system will prevent pre-mature breakdowns, reduce your utility bills, and provide a comfortable home environment for your child’s learning.

Here are some things you can do to make sure your home has the ideal learning climate for your children.  Change your air filters regularly and keep to a regular maintenance schedule with Advanced Appliance Service, Inc. You should have an annual spring maintenance call to ensure your air conditioner is clean and working for the hot and humid summers and an annual fall maintenance call to ensure your furnace is prepared for cold temperatures. Also, provide your child with a comfortable well-lit, quiet, and comfortable place within the home for studying……It will make a difference!

These simple tips will help your home be the ideal environment for your children to learn.  If your home is not feeling as comfortable as it once was; or you have heating & air relating questions, please reach out to us!  We are here to help!

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